Michael Wiltshire

Pasadena, Rose City Church


At the age of seven, I experienced my heart, as John Wesley might say, “strangely warmed” in a moment of prayer. On my knees, praying bedside all alone, I knew something had changed in me. That moment was just one of the many times in which I have felt God’s warming closeness, saving and sanctifying me always.

Calling to Ministry

I view my calling as bearing witness—both seeing and telling—to God’s loving, redeeming, healing, and salvific activity in the world. In particular, I believe I am called to minister to those experiencing suffering, marginalization, or isolation by partnering with them in observing and trusting the presence of God, the One who unconditionally calls them “beloved."

Free Methodist Church

A Google search! In my time at Fuller Seminary, I was exploring denominational homes and was looking on the internet for a tradition that was evangelical and egalitarian. This really narrowed things down. Soon, I found a home in Rose City Church and now in the entire FMC.