Ministerial Appointments Committee

The Ministerial Appointments Committee (commonly called the MAC) is responsible for appointing qualified ministers to ministries and monitoring progress and growth. As with all Free Methodist Church leadership, the board is comprised of an equal number of ministerial and lay (non-ordained) leaders.

Lay Members

Carol Duberowski

2020 – Lay

Long Beach, Light & Life Christian Fellowship – North

Serena Oriero

2022 – Lay

Riverside, California Avenue Christian Fellowship

Kelly Soifer

2021 – Lay

Ministerial Members

Charles Latchison

BVO – Ministerial

Long Beach, Light & Life Christian Fellowship – West

Matthew Whitehead


Glen Prior

BVO – Ministerial

Murrieta, Centerpoint Church

Fraser Venter

BVO – Ministerial

Rancho Cucamonga, Cucamonga Christian Fellowship

Nominees for the Ministerial Appointments Committee

Each year, Free Methodist Churches elect new board members to replace outgoing leaders. Nominated board members will be voted on during Annual Conference. Newly elected members will be added to the above list after voting.